Product Description

This is very high tech device; advanced SIM audio detector, monitor, and SIM card spy surveillance bug. The unit comes with a very small casing with embedded 4 microphones, and does not require external software or configuration. Simply insert a valid SIM card into the card slot, and place it in an inconspicuous location. You can listen to the sound near the device wherever and whenever you want to by simply making a phone call. This is premiere SIM surveillance equipment listening device you can’t miss.

Listen from anywhere in the world using any phone, mobile or voip such as skype. Simply leave the charged device anywhere you want to listen. For longer life leave plugged in to a power outlet or USB port. Small and inconspicuous slightly less than the size of a box of matches. Put an active phone SIM card into the device phone it from anywhere in the world via skype, mobile, or landline. No range limitation.

Operates by making ordinary phone call.

Lasts about 15 days of standby time, or long duration via power source with easy set up.


Leave it in your car, at home with the babysitter, girlfriends / boyfriends / husbands /wives, etc.

June 3rd, 2011

A New MileStone
We are now largest sellers of DigitalPersona 4000B and 4500.We Proud to make our new housing Which is heavy Duty and Wall mountable.We did not intend to change our Prices and Offer this housing and OEM branding Free of Cost to our Volume Clients.